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 602 South Street,

Suites C-8 & C-9B

Chardon, Ohio 44024

Tel: 440-279-4030

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This is the best place to go relax. The facility has so many different services. The staff is very knowledgeable and extremely mindful when it comes to your safety & well-being . The facility is very clean! If you want to invest in not only feeling good on the outside but as well as on the inside... you need to make an appointment.

— Ryan M, Client

Very friendly, courteous, and professional. Got rid of 2 large knots in my neck

— Kevin P, Client

Calm Woman

Thank you so much for the amazing massages throughout the years. I've been a faithful client for a long time now and you've managed to help me through pregnancies, some seriously stressful times where I was clenching my jaw, and most of all taught me to appreciate the joys of my life. It doesn't seem to matter what is happening in my life I always look to you and your magical fingers to make it better :) Not many massotherapists are great at both medical, relaxation and pregnancy massage, you truly are amazing!

— Sarah, Client

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